Saturday, August 14, 2010

Giant Cupcake fits and arrives safely!

Well i have been wondering for the last 2 weeks how i would get this Giant Cupcake in a box and safely to work and i managed it!

I made a lid, cut a hole in the cake box, made the cake, put it in the box, attached the lid and carried it on the train to work - phew!

It's a chocolate mud cake with a hidden chocolate truffle and smartie filling with milk choc ganache as the paper case and buttercream icing with smarties.

Unfortunately Smarties no long add E numbers to their chocolate!:-) so the colour of the smarties were very dull - i omitted the puke coloured ones and ate them myself...

I think someone needs to make attachable box lids to accommodate giant cupcakes!:-)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

DIY cake box for Giant Cupcake

This week i have my first Cavey Cakes order and it is for a giant cupcake. However, stores don't seem to sell cake boxes large enough! it's either you usual 20cm which are only 8cm high or a tiered wedding cake box which retail for about $20! i'm only charging $50 for the cake....

so i have brought the normal sized cake box and i'm going to attempted to make an extension! i am cutting a hole in the lid, about 1.5cm from the edges, and i am making a box out of white cardboard. I shall leave lips on the diy box and glue/sellotape these to the cake box, thereby hopefully allowing an extra 10cm in height - that should just about do it!

Then, the mission is getting the box safely into work and delivered!

This however isn't until Tuesday - so to keep me busy i will be making Dave a batch of banana cupcakes with lime and coconut frosting for him to take to work. Can't be eating them all to ourselves again!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini Cheesecakes

After my epic week of cake baking i made one more treat for Dave and myself! I am my mother's daughter and do not waste anything!

The New York cheesecake was such a success and as luck would have it i used 20cm tin rather then a 24cm like the recipe required. So i poured the leftover cream cheese mixture into 2 separate ramekins and cooked them along with the cheesecake adjusting the time as i saw fit.

To make the individual cheesecake bases i used cookie cutters, crushed a few biscuits in a pretsel and mortal, added some melted butter and pressed the mixture into the moulds. After leaving in the fridge for 30mins i carefully turned out the cooked cheesecake mixture on top of the bases and covered with a little melted leftover chocolate ganache.

They were very rich but who cares on a Sunday night!